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Underfloor Heating

We hear at GKE Plumbing & Heating are qualified to carry out your underfloor heating installation. Please find the below information for deciding what you believe would be a better choice of heating source for you? 

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What type of underfloor heating is best?

Wet system is more expensive to install, but it compensates for lower running costs. It has a more pocket-friendly long-term running cost than an electric system. High running cost. Stay warm and toasty all winter long with an underfloor heating kit.

How Does underfloor heating work?

Underfloor heating essentially works by turning the floor area into a giant, efficient and invisible heat emitter. Heating tubes or cables are installed beneath the floor, which heat up, to warm the room from the ground up.

Underfloor heating is usually connected to a boiler. The boiler heats up water and circulates it through a series of pipes in the floor. The heat from the pipes then warms up the floor, which in turn heats up the room. You can also connect the system to a heat pump.

How is underfloor heating efficient?

At least 25% more energy efficient: UFH will heat your home without the need for any additional heating. UFH covers a large surface area, it uses lowerwater temperatures than a radiator and is more efficient – up to 40% more efficient when paired with a heat pump than radiators.


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